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Bath Products

At Tranquility Affair, we prioritize attention to detail, believing that every small action has the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Tranquility Affair specializes in offering exclusive, handcrafted soaps and candles that are meticulously crafted and not mass-produced. Our name, "Tranquility Affair," embodies our commitment to fostering a serene atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

As a small business, we take pride in our ability to focus on the finer details and deliver personalized customer service. This allows us to tailor each shopping experience to meet individual needs effectively.

Each batch of our products is carefully crafted in small quantities, ensuring consistent quality and allowing us to maintain control over every aspect of production. What you order today will be the same exceptional product you receive with each subsequent order.

We take great pride in being a member of the Eco-Soap Bank, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women throughout Africa and Asia. They repurpose soap scraps into new bars and distribute them to those in need. Every year, soap factories worldwide produce approximately 25,000 metric tons of soap waste, much of which ends up in landfills. At Tranquility Affair, we contribute to a more sustainable future by sending our soap scraps to the Eco-Soap Bank for recycling and redistribution.

We are delighted to support "The Cove Group" in Walnut Cove as a participating volunteer. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to curating meaningful community events not only for Walnut Cove but also for surrounding local communities.

At Tranquility Affair, we prioritize sustainability by using only the finest eco-friendly ingredients, packaging materials, and production methods. Your satisfaction and the well-being of the environment are at the heart of everything we do.

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Cruelty Free

Our products undergo no animal testing.


The soy wax utilized in our candles and melts is sustainable, deriving from renewable sources, boasting biodegradability, emitting lower carbon emissions, supporting eco-friendly agricultural practices, and offering non-toxic qualities.

Zero Waste

We take immense pride in ensuring zero waste in our manufacturing process, made achievable through our meticulous crafting of small handcrafted batches and sending our soap scraps to to the Eco-Soap Bank.

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