Hello and welcome to Tranquility Affair! We are an American made company based out of Walnut Cove, NC. My name is Jeffrey Asbell and I am the owner, operator, and master soap maker of Tranquility Affair. 

Tranquility AffairJeffrey Asbell, Tranquility Affair

About Me:

I am a retired military veteran with 21 years of honorable service to our country. I have college degrees in Sound Technologies and Audio Engineering. 

I am a previous business owner of a music school, rehearsal/recording studio, and touring agent. 

So, why soap?

Chemistry and math of course!

The Real Story:

Many years ago, I stopped buying "store bought" soap after trying my first bar of handcrafted "lye" or cold process soap given to me as a gift from a friend. Many purchases later, I decided to start making it. My first recipe, crafted through careful study of the characteristics of saponified oils, was a smashing success. 

Since then, I crafted new recipes that became favorites amongst friends and family. I still use and enjoy soap made with that very first recipe today which has never been modified. Unknowingly, our customers do too.

I personally make all of our handcrafted soap in small batches one small "brick" at a time. I start by measuring different quantities of different oils on a calibrated scale. The mixture is set aside.

Distilled water and Lye are measured on the same calibrated scale and combined. As you can imagine, it gets really hot and takes some time to cool down! 

Some oils are solid and have to be heated until they melt. Microwave.

Once the lye solution cools to the temperature of the oils, I pour it in to the oil mixture and stick blend until mixed well. Essential oils or fragrances are added and sometimes color. This all gets stick blended again until it thickens up a bit. 

The batter then gets poured into a mold and insulated to force a "gel phase" which enhances the look of the soap. Sometime between 24 to 48 hours, the brick of soap is un-molded and individually cut and weighed.

From there, the soap is spaced out on curing racks for good air flow. The soap is monitored 45 days for weight and pH using calibrated instruments. The human test is performed on one sample taken from the batch (on my wife and I). If we are happy with the results, the rest of the batch is now ready for you to enjoy! 


We also make custom fragrant candles that compliment the fragrances of our soaps by special requests. Sometimes, candles can be found on this site as well.

Our focus is to make sure you are pleased with the products you purchase so much that you continue to shop with us. Thank you for your support. See you on-line!