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Indulge in the tropical fruity delight of our Peach Mango Bellini Soy Paraffin Candle. Perfect for those who enjoy playful aromas, this sparkling blend begins with lively notes of tangerine and peach, creating a juicy combination. This scent is anchored by warm base notes of sandalwood and petitgrain, adding a sun-kissed touch that mellows this effervescent scent.


The fragrance used in this candle is infused with natural essential oils, including pine, citronella, and petitgrain.


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Peach Mango Bellini Soy/Paraffin Wax Candle (13.5oz) 382.7g

SKU: 1311

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  • Soy/Paraffin Blend Wax, Fragrance, Cotton/Paper Wick

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